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Order of Australia winner awarded for service to international communities

The Queen’s Birthday honour roll, Order of Australia medal was presented to Sally of Human & Hope Association Inc on Monday. The award was for the service provided to Cambodia through the Hope & Human Association charity.

Sally Hetherington wants to use this award to shine more spotlight on the importance of locally ran organisations and to end “voluntourism”.

“I feel so privileged to receive this honour. As most people in this line of work will tell you, we don’t do it for the recognition – but it is very helpful to bring Human and Hope Association into the spotlight, and provide a platform for us to advocate for locally-run organisations in Cambodia,” said award winner Sally Hetherington.

Voluntourism is the concept of going to an international tourist to help volunteer, although it sounds helpful and a great act to the community, tourists don’t fully understand the implications it has to the locals.

Sally launched her book “It’s Not About Me” to help educate on voluntourism and best practices to help local communities.

The Book “It’s Not About Me” is a manifesto of Sally’s five years’ worth of stories living in Cambodia that will make you laugh, cry and challenge your preconceived beliefs about the best way to help people in developing countries. It is a must-read for those who want to make a positive change through ethical and sustainable development.

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