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Philanthropists honoured with 2017 Queen’s Birthday awards

Australians honoured for the good work they do.

Many philanthropists and figures in the NFP sector were honoured at this years 2017 Queen’s Birthday awards. The highest award, the Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) has been given to 15 prominent Australians.

Recipients of the award include:

Catherine (Cate) Elise BLANCHETT


For eminent service to the performing arts as an international stage and screen actor, through seminal contributions as director of artistic organisations, as a role model for women and young performers, and as a supporter of humanitarian and environmental causes.

Peter Malcolm COLMAN


For eminent service to medical research, particularly in the fields of structural biology and medicinal chemistry, as a leader in the commercial translation of scientific discoveries, to professional organisations, and as a mentor of young scientists.

Michael Jenkins CROUCH


For eminent service to the community through philanthropic contributions to youth, cultural, medical research and health care organisations, to business in the areas of manufacturing and international trade, and as a supporter of innovation and higher education.

Robert Bennett DOYLE


For eminent service to the people of Melbourne through roles in local government, to the Parliament of Victoria, particularly in the areas of health and public administration, and to the community as a supporter of youth, social welfare and medical research foundations.

Kenneth Charles FREEMAN


For eminent service to astronomy through pioneering contributions in the field of galactic archaeology, as a leading astrophysicist and researcher, to tertiary science education, to professional academies, and as a mentor of young scientists.

Peter GAGO


For eminent service to the Australian wine industry as an internationally acclaimed winemaker, to the global promotion of excellence in oenology, marketing and research, as a mentor, and to the community of South Australia.

Aaron Jonna GANDEL


For eminent service to the community as a benefactor and supporter of a range of visual arts and cultural institutions, to youth education, medical and biotechnology innovation programs, to business, and to the advancement of philanthropic giving.

Ross Gregory GARNAUT


For eminent service to the community as a leading international economist in the area of energy efficiency and climate change policy, to the development of Australia-Asia Pacific relations, and through contributions to social and political discourse.

Alan Joseph JOYCE


For eminent service to the aviation transport industry, to the development of the national and international tourism sectors, to gender equity, inclusion and diversity, and to the community, particularly as a supporter of Indigenous education.

Svend Peter KLINKEN


For eminent service to medical research and biochemistry through seminal contributions to understanding the genetics of major diseases, and to the people of Western Australia through promoting the importance of science and innovation.



For eminent service to the law and the legal profession, through pro bono representation of defendants in capital punishment cases overseas, as an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, and to human rights and social justice reform.

Jacques NASSER

For eminent service to business and international commerce in the mining and manufacturing sectors through leadership and executive roles, to the development of sustainable policy frameworks for industry and government, and to the community as a philanthropist and benefactor.

David Ian O’CONNOR


For eminent service to tertiary education, particularly to the strategic development of national and international university initiatives, and to the community through engagement in social policy, child welfare and juvenile justice research.

Philip Noel PETTIT


For eminent service to philosophy through contributions to moral and political theory, as a distinguished academic, and as a leader of public debate on social, economic and environmental issues.



For eminent service to medical research, particularly in the area of biopharmaceuticals and molecular biology, to higher education as an academic, to professional medical organisations, and as a supporter of the advancement of innovation in science.


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