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$100M available to Aus businesses in sponsorship and philanthropic giving

Australian corporates, businesses and foundations are using online technology to find undiscovered Aussie sponsorship and philanthropic partners to share funds and in-kind. With over $100 million already available in the system ready to be matched with charities, athletes and sports clubs, artists, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, education providers and more industries, this is the future of partnership and philanthropic giving.

Developed by a local Gold Coast company, within 3 months of launch the sponsor online matching system has attracted strategic private enterprise givers of resources and funds who wanted a solution to searching and finding aligned partners. It is the anonymity of the system to strategically target people and organisation’s within Australia, and when the specific search criteria is aligned, a match notification sent straight to your inbox which is the appeal.

Created for the Australian market, the online matching system connects brands, business and foundations with unique local opportunities. Offering an anonymous, targeted, secure, efficient and simple service, it has offered a level playing field all subscribers.

The process is simple. Select if you are a giver or seeker of resources. Complete your profile then sit back and wait for the matches delivered to your inbox. If there is an aligned match between and giver and seeker in the system, you will be alerted. The online matching system is devised for all Australian businesses no matter the size and the value of the resources available.

With a goal to increase the flow of partnership funds and resources from all levels of private enterprise to incredible and undiscovered Aussie’s, the service delivers highly aligned partner matches and has been quickly up-taken with strategic givers looking for partners to collaborate with.

“As sponsorship, partnerships and philanthropy is a diverse programme, and the needs and impacts far ranging, we have four distinct communities under one umbrella – Champific (sports), Stemdom (STEM, innovation and education), Bestowly (arts and entertainment) and Sponsology (charities)” shares co-founder Celia Murray.

These four new communities are attracting the attention of the nation as a solution to connect unique opportunities to share resources. Everything from R&D to commercialisation; grass roots to premier league; podium placements to global award recipients; passion project to community social leaders; film production to fashion; the online partnership matching system connects Aussies like never before.

“This $100 million is just the tip of the iceberg” shares co-founder Stephen King. “We are aware that corporates, local business and foundations are not sharing or promoting that they have partnership and sponsorship funds as they don’t want to get inundated with requests that do not align with their unique criteria. They are now using our system as filters”.

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