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Youth homelessness charity enters private market with ‘tiny homes’

A social enterprise providing tiny homes to the private market will return all profits made from the sale back into the organisation’s mission

A youth homelessness prevention organisation has branched into the private market to raise funds needed to support young people at risk.

Kids Under Cover launched the social enterprise, Nestd, to sell ‘tiny homes’ to the for-profit sector. All proceeds made from the sale of the backyard installation homes will be distributed back into the organisation to further their mission.

General Manager of Nestd, Kieran Callan, said: “We believe Nestd is perfectly placed to deliver not only a great architectural product, but a cost effective and socially responsible outcome for purchases as well as the wider community.

“Nestd represents the truest form of social enterprise.”

The social enterprise is an extension of Kids Under Cover’s successful Studio Program that builds relocatable tiny homes in the backyard of a carer’s home to provide a stable and secure accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness.

The architecturally designed and sustainable tiny homes are the results of a design refinement and development. All Nestd studios are made to utilise environmentally responsible materials, have a 6-star energy rating and accommodate users.

“Nestd makes the compact home a viable option for Australian homeowners to make the most of their existing space,” Callan said. “Whether that’s keeping older family members at home in comfort for longer, providing respite for growing young adults, or creating a new business space or a holiday rental.”

Callan said the initiative is in response to Australia’s “increased demand for higher density housing solutions, our ageing population, the decrease of housing affordability and the growing popularity of the sharing economy.”

A recent independent research found that from every $1 spent on Kids Under Cover, $4.17 of social benefit is returned to the community. This includes homelessness prevention, improved emotional well-being and reduced housing costs.

Callan added that the additional benefit of the Nestd initiative in the private market is all proceeds are returned back to the work of the charity, “meaning one tiny house has the opportunity to put a roof over an at-risk person’s head.”

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