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Rethinking social investment

An inspiring trip to Africa led two young professionals to rethink social investment.

Co-Founder Adam McCurdie first came up with the idea of Humanitix when he was on a trip in Tanzania and had no technology to distract him.

“While he was away Adam thought about ticketing and how it is an immediate revenue stream and thought about how it could be philanthropic in some way,” said Co-Founder Josh Ross.

Ross and McCurdie had been throwing different ideas of philanthropic platforms back and forth for a while and decided to look into McCurdie’s ticketing idea.

The team decided on Humanitix, a ticketing platform that donates 30-40 per cent of revenue made to a charity.

“As long as the charity is about health, education or the environment then the client using us as the ticketing platform for their event can choose a charity to receive up to 40 per cent of the ticketing costs,” said Ross.

“For example we are doing the ticketing for The Fund Management Awards and they have chosen their partner charity Odyssey House to receive the funds.

“We are trying to build up a list of partner charities but we also allow our clients to choose their own charities even if we do not partner with them.”

Humanitix will be doing the ticketing for a few upcoming Variety charity events and for each ticket sold 30-40 per cent of the ticketing fee will go back to Variety.

Social enterprise, The Remarkable Woman, has recently partnered up with Humanitix.

“We will be hosting regular events to bring women together, particularly for our ‘Remarkable Woman Talks’ pillar which works like Ted Talks – but with women sharing their life story. To organise this we’ve been looking to partner with a ticketing company and to us Humanitix is the perfect choice,” said Founder, The Remarkable Woman, Shivani Gopal.

‘We support women, and in doing so we donate one per cent of member contributions to charity. Humanitix donates the ticketing fees to charity – the shared purpose in making an impact and changing the world for the good makes us a natural fit to work together.”

Ross said that Humanitix’s goal is to reach $1 million for charity by 2020.

“Right now we are ticketing for five clients and we have a pretty epic pipeline,” he said.

“Our hope is to continue growing and to partner up with more charities.”

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