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Retailer helps NFP raise funds

DECJUBA aims to raise $80,000 for the Hunger Project.

DECJUBA has created a limited edition t-shirt in support of The Hunger Project, a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to end hunger globally by 2030. Focused in rural areas of India, Bangladesh, Africa and Latin America, The Hunger Project trains women to be self-reliant & empowers them to improve key issues within their communities.

DECJUBA has pledged to donate 100 per cent off the proceeds, aiming to raise $80,000 for the organisation with which they have a strong on-going partnership.

“All proceeds from this limited edition t-shirt will be donated to empowering women with the capacity & leadership to end their own hunger,” said CEO Tania Austin.

To end the cycle of poverty and  hunger, The Hunger Project’s work is centred around the philosophy that when women are supported all of society benefits. With a strong focus on training & development, these women are empowered with the skills & knowledge needed to create sustainable change in their communities.

“Empowering women is key to ending hunger. In our experience, women coming together to support each other creates a very powerful ripple effect. I’ve recently visited our work in India and seen firsthand what the poorest and most marginalised women trained by The Hunger Project can achieve together despite the adversity they face – they bring clean water to their villages, they get girls enrolled in schools, they get hospitals built, and they shift people’s minds about gender equality and women’s empowerment,” said Melanie Noden, CEO The Hunger Project Australia.”

DECJUBA launched the limited edition T-Shirt in store on Wednesday 16th May.


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