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Queenslanders feel they’ve gained nothing from economic growth

A CEDA report has found Queenslanders value regional development and employment opportunities for young people

The Queensland community has, in addition to the top six personal issues nationally, placed greatest importance on regional development and employment opportunities.

The Queensland results were released by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) and follows the release of nation-wide and Victoria results that found a great deal of economic disconnect and mistrust in government.

CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento, said the results highlighted that the community placed a high level of importance on government support and services.

“Overall Queensland respondents were more likely to feel like they have not gained, or don’t know if they have gained from Australia’s record run of economic growth compared to national results,” Cilento said.

“Unemployment and youth unemployment are both higher in Queensland than nationally and slightly higher in regional areas. This is no doubt one of the factors impacting on how Queenslanders feel about the economy and current circumstances.”

Queenslanders noted that public hospitals, limiting foreign ownership and aged care were among the top community issues, following criminal laws and protection of national parks. A strong NDIS was only rated as average importance.

Of low importance on national issues were restrictions on natural resources, increased humanitarian intake of refugees and the lowering of company taxes.

“The top personal issues in Queensland, in addition to regional development, aligned nationally with reliable, low cost basic health services; reliable, low cost essential services; access to stable and affordable housing; affordable, high quality chronic disease services; and reduced violence in homes and communities,” Cilento said.

Whereas a high quality of mental health services was rated of high importance as a personal issue, the most widely unimportant topics that personally affected the state was reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved sustainability.

“Much like the other states, the expectation that government should provide the services fundamental to the quality of life in Australia remains strong,” Cilento said.

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