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Pengana launches social impact investment calculator

A new calculator is giving Pengana investors insight into their social impact

Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund has launched an online calculator, providing investors with an insight into their social impact.

Pengana Capital Group, a diversified funds management group specialising in listed equities, released its ‘Impact Report and Impact Calculator’, which measures the impact of three social themes and five environmental themes.

Damian Crowley, Director of Distribution at Pengana said: “We are seeing significant growth in the number of investors and their advisors wanting to invest their money sustainably.

“This latest Impact Report and the Impact Calculator illustrate how investors are having a positive impact on people and the planet, by quantifying the positive impact of their investments.”

The report has demonstrated how a $1 million investment during 2017 led to: 55 people receiving healthcare treatment; $118,000 of costs saved in healthcare systems; and the provision of 109 days of tertiary education.

The report also found that the $1 million investment generated positive environment impact, including:  The generation of 670 MWh of renewable energy (equivalent to the annual energy use of 44 Australian households); Treatment of 15m litres of waste water (equivalent to the annual production of 121 Australian households); Recycled or recovered 90 tonnes of waste material (equivalent to the total waste produced by 53 Australian households).

Pengana, founded in 2003 and with its headquarters in Sydney, manages over $3 billion across a range of international and Australian equity strategies. The Fund is managed by WHEB, who have run the same strategy in the UK for over 12 years and is regarded as being at the forefront of sustainable impact investing globally.

George Latham, Managing Partner of WHEB Asset Management said: “The Fund’s superior risk-adjusted returns are testament to WHEB’s fundamental investment philosophy: that companies producing goods and services that address the challenges of sustainability are exposed to structural growth and well positioned to deliver superior returns.

“We believe our investment performance is because of, rather than despite, the Fund’s focus on businesses with a positive impact.”

WHEB was recently recognised for a second time as one of BCorp UK’s ‘Best for the World’ for creating positive impact for workers, environment, community and customers. It was also awarded both ‘Best Sustainable Investment Fund Management Group’ at Investment Week’s 2017 Sustainable Investment Awards and ‘Best Natural Resources and Sustainability Fund’ at Investment Week’s 2017 Specialist Investment Awards.

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