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Community events raise more than any other type of fundraising, research finds

New research has found that the returns from major community events are higher than from any other type of fundraising

Fundraisers taking part as major community events (MCEs) raise more mony than any other type of fundraising, new research has found

The research, carried out by Everydayhero, found that giving via the platform tripled between 2013 and 2017, and more than $67 million were given to charity during those years.

“Community driven events are a great way to shine the spotlight on local charities and help them raise money without the charity itself investing huge amounts of time and resources to encourage donations,” Pascale Harvie, Managing Director of Everydayhero, said.

The research highlighted that the fundraising success of these events is a result of technology advances and Australia’s increased interest in living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

“Global health and fitness trends have seen more large-scale community events emerge and with the growth in the peer-to-peer fundraising technology, it’s no surprise these events are now serious earners for many Australian non-for-profits,” Harvie said.

In order to better understand how participation in MCEs correlates with overall fundraising success, this study analysed the activity of 1.5 million donors and 200,000 fundraising pages across Australia and New Zealand between 2013 and 2017.

The study concluded that MCEs can raise up to $4,700 more than alternative methods.

The top four events of 2017 were The Sun-Herald’s City2Surf in Sydney, Sole Motive Run Melbourne, HBF Run for A Reason in Perth, ASB Auckland Marathon, with the City2Surf in Sydney raising over $4,4 million.

The fundraising platform is already seeing 2018’s donations spike due to annual running events held in August, including City2Surf in Sydney and The Sunday Mail’s Bridge to Brisbane.

“August running events have triggered a huge increase in donations over the platform with local communities really getting behind individual fundraisers all over the country,” Harvie said.

“We’re hoping this will continue until the end of running event season in October, with events like Melbourne Marathon Festival and Sunday Mail City Bay Fun Run in Adelaide driving donations.”

It’s clear that this style of event is enjoying greater engagement across the board. What’s also apparent is that charity partners who take part in MCEs raise more on average than those who don’t—more than twice as much, in fact.

But while MCEs can provide significant fundraising opportunities, breaking through in such a crowded marketplace can be challenging. A dedicated MCE fundraising strategy to increase brand awareness, recruit event participants and maximise the mounts raised, is necessary in order to succeed.

To read the full and learn how to maximise the returns from your MCE, click here.

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