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Here’s what happens to aid projects when the money dries up and the spotlight fades

As a former aid worker, I often wondered about what happened to the projects I worked on y…


Donors shouldn’t punish NGOs that disclose misconduct – here’s how to help stamp out abuse

The NGO sexual exploitation and abuse scandal has grown ever larger, engulfing many othe…

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.33.00 PM

Accelerator program aims to drive innovation in non-profit sector

Australian Progress and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) have launched …

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 4.57.51 PM partners with United Way to launch Philanthropy Cloud, a non-profit social enterprise, and United Way, the world’s largest priv…


Students urged to avoid orphanage work

Young Australians who want to travel and help the world’s poorest children are being urged…


Rosie Batty steps down, closes anti-family-violence foundation

Vocal anti-family-violence figure, Rosie Batty, has announced she is stepping down as chi…


New cyber security laws to impact not-for-profits

Australian not-for-profits must comply with new laws that require them to notify authoriti…

Charity revocations hit record high in 2017

Charity compliance revocations have risen by 30 per cent, according to new figures release…

Dr Helen Szoke, Oxfam Australia Chief Executive.

Aust aid groups trumpet ethical conduct

Aid groups in Australia have sought to reassure the public of their high ethical standards…


GEPL Board appoints CEO to implement new vision

The Board of Gumala Enterprises Pty Ltd (GEPL) recently appointed a highly experienced res…

Innovation and innovative ideas concept on chalkboard

Innovation Index to provide insight for charities

Charities are urged to join the nationwide research Innovation Index 2018 to gain insight …


Advisory board argues against major changes to ACNC Act

The first five year review of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC…


ACOSS launches new partnership to tackle poverty ‘head on’

The collaboration includes backing from various ACOSS member organisations, UNSW and phila…

Sexual harassment concept. me too Text written on blackboard.

When do-good nonprofits are bad at dealing with #MeToo moments

A mixture of bad actors, obsession with overhead, poor policing and demographic challenges…


RSL NSW must ‘rebuild trust’ after rort

Past president Don Rowe may be investigated by police after using the organisation’s money…


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