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New world-first debit card revolutionises fundraising sector

A new debit card will allow users to donate to the cause of their choosing, effectively creating a new way to drive social change

A new world-first debit card will allow Australians to support the community and drive social change every time they make a purchase.

ImpactPay Founders, Adam and Regina Levine, said they saw an opportunity to tap into micro-giving by developing a platform that enables users to support the cause of their choosing with each payment or transaction.

“More than 577 billion non-cash transactions take place every year; what if we could harness that to do good?” Mr Levine said. “It’s second for us all to use our debit cards without thinking twice, however, there is more to money than just spending.”

ImpactPay is the first global platform ever created to allow charities and community groups to collaborate and give users the choice of who they donate to and how to do it, with constant flexibility around the projects and donations they choose.

The ground-breaking platform is expected to revolutionise the fundraising sector, where one third of cause groups are able to receive donations through mobile options. With a limited ability to access mobile digital solutions, some organisations have been closed off from connecting with key mobile users.

“Given the unique aspect of our core target market, we developed our technology through a desire-driven lens and built the functionality and useability based on a deep analysis of preferred human engagement models,” Mrs Levine said.

ImpactPay acts as a secure and transparent micro-giving platform, compliant with all regulatory and security requirements. Users will be issued with a pre-paid debit card powered by MasterCard and a smart wallet app integrated into mobile phones.

The platform was inspired by blockchain technology, which provides enhanced transparency so users know that donations are going to the projects they choose.

“We want all Australians to have access to a payment platform that allows them to make a difference in the world,” Mr Levine said. “The gesture of giving as little as 10 cents for every tap is effortless and if we can amplify that and combine everyone’s 10 cents, we can change the world.”

A variety of not-for-profit partnerships will be announced in August. Members will also be able to nominate local community projects to support.

A ‘Be Good & Do Good’ philosophy sits behind the new venture, encouraging members to be good with their money and take control of budgets as well as make a positive impact.

“Young Australians may not have deep pockets, but they have big hearts and an active social conscience. With the right technology and mindset, we believe tribe members (ImpactPay issue users) can achieve their day-to-day financial goals, and as a collective, create true change that has a lasting impact on the world around us.”

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