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Interactive video campaign challenges Australians to act

Our Watch have created a series of interactive videos to challenge Australians to act when they witness sexism and disrespect of women

Less than half of Australia’s population recognises sexism and the disrespect of women and only 14 per cent are likely to act.

This is the focus of a new video campaign by Our Watch, Australia’s national body for the prevention of violence against women. Its interactive video series confronts Australians with the sexist jokes and objectification that women deal with every day.

Our Watch Chair, Natasha Stott-Despoja AM, said the campaign will educate Australians on what disrespectful behaviour is and encourage bystanders to respond.

“We know from our research that disrespectful attitudes and behaviours are part of the culture that can drive violence against women. When every day signs of disrespect go unchallenged, it is normalised, excused and tolerated,” Stott-Despoja said.

The “Doing nothing does harm” campaign is a series of interactive videos that recreate everyday situations and challenges the viewer to click “do something” when the video shows disrespect. The conclusion of the video then depends on the viewers actions.

It will also provide Australians with practical tips on how to respond to sexism after 75 per cent said they wanted advice on how to act. Another 39 per cent have also expressed that they do not know how to recognise the signs – an issue the campaign will work with.

“The Doing nothing does harm campaign equips Australians with simple and practical ways to do something about some of the disrespectful behaviour they observe everyday – whether that is among friends or in public situations,” Stott-Despoja said.

“The defining message of the campaign is that, no matter how big or small the action you take, we can all play a part in challenging disrespect.”

Our Watch CEO, Patty Kinnersly, said it was vital that Australians overcome the barriers to act and encourage bystanders to do something when they witness disrespect.

“When we remain silent or do not show our discomfort in the face of disrespectful comments or hokes, we are contributing to a society where men and women are not treated equally,” Kinnersly said.

“The good news is that together we can all help create a new ‘normal’, where women and men are always treated with equal respect. Doing nothing does harm but doing something can make a world of difference.”

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, family or domestic violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit In an emergency, call 000

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