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Instagram’s new IGTV feature key to raising awareness through “emotional, engaging stories”

The Movember Foundation is the first charity to roll out a documentary on Instagram’s new feature

The Movember Foundation has become the first charity to exclusively roll out a doco-series through Instagram’s new IGTV feature.

The foundation will premiere the first ever documentary series on Instagram over five days to share the real life challenges of men living with prostate and testicular cancer, creating a series of short films aimed at promoting more awareness.

Global Digital Director at the foundation, Jon Akerman, said the new update would be instrumental in sharing content: “With Instagram’s launch of IGTV to share longer-form content, it is the ideal platform to tell more emotional, engaging stories.”

Instagram rolled out IGTV over the last month, providing users the opportunity to use longer form video up to one hour in length from the app. This offers organisations the chance to stand out from the brunt of content that is published daily.

The Movember Foundation chose to utilise IGTV to share hard hitting factors affecting men and use it as a platform where men can go to reliable and important information.

The first video will feature Alonzo, a man living with prostate cancer treatment side effects through incontinence and erectile dysfunction and the coaching skills he uses to work through it. A new video will then debut every day for five days.

“We created this series to share real life experiences of men that deal with the challenges of prostate and testicular cancer every day, and to share the importance of quality of life with both the Movember community, as well as the larger Instagram network,” Akerman said.

Around 5.6 million men globally are facing life with prostate cancer diagnosis and more than 333,000 men are living with, or beyond, testicular cancer. With more being diagnosed, survival rates are improving but a growing number are living with serious, sometimes life-altering side effects of the disease and its treatment.

Movember Foundation CEO, Owen Sharp, said: “While we strive for better treatments and, ultimately, a cure, we must also recognise that men’s quality of life is critically important. We must address the challenges that face men as they live with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.”

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