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Grants available for not-for-profits website redevelopment

Australian NFPs can now access a grant aimed at redeveloping website designs, as social media and online donations are revealed to be donors preferred channels

Australian not-for-profits can now access a grant aimed at improving websites, a free mentorship program and data science support.

The Institute of Technology for Australia and New Zealand (TITAN) Website Build and Match Fund Grant will enable organisations to establish or redevelop its website, with the aim of boosting digital presence and maximising fundraising efforts.

TITAN’s CEO, Luke Davids, said the organisation recognises the difficulty in trying to establish a not-for-profit within the competitive market that has become so saturated with already well-known and well-funded charities.

“TITAN’s mission is to accelerate the access that small and medium-sized not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand have to best practice digital tools,” Davids said.

On top of a free new website build with tailored guidance and support from a diverse team of professionals, TITAN will match donations received on the new website’s first campaign of up to $1,000 per successful applicant.

TITAN will also be running other programs for not-for-profits. A Mentorship Program will allow successful applicants to be matched with philanthropists and leaders.

Not-for-profits can also apply for free Data Science Strategy sessions where successful organisations can consult with professional data scientists who can then work to help the group achieve identified goals.

“It’s vision is to fund large-scale digital projects that can have a measurable impact on the digital incomes of as many non-profits as possible,” Davids said.

More than half of Australian supporters state their preferred method of donating is giving online, research has found. Thirty-one per cent have also identified social media as their primary channel that inspires them to donate.

Currently, however, almost a quarter of Australian charities do not have a website. This puts them at a disadvantage and prevents future growth opportunities.

To be eligible for the Website Build and Match Fund Grant, not-for-profit organisations will ideally have a revenue range of $0.3 to $30 million. The grant will cover the costs of the website build, but all ongoing costs are the responsibility of the organisation.

“This is not just about charities and it’s not just about not-for-profits. We want to work with the sector collaboratively to transform and drive the adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions that have a real impact on people’s lives.”

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