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Foundation offers $1 million youth-based research partnership

$1 million in research grants are up for grabs for organisations working to solve the issue of young people living in nursing homes

To resolve the issue of young people with disability living in aged care, the Summer Foundation has launched a $1 million research grants program.

The foundation, which focuses on measures to prevent young people from needing to live in nursing homes, announced that it is searching for partners to conduct high quality research to find ways to improve the lives of those affected.

Dr Di Winkler, the foundation’s Chief of Research and Innovation, said: “We need high quality research across the aged care, disability, housing, hospitals and primary and community health systems.

“Our research will identify the factors that shape these systems, the pressure points, costs and potential opportunities for early intervention and catalytic change.”

The Summer Foundation said it was a problem that involves multiple complex systems with different drivers, rules and stakeholders. In order to inform and foster the necessary system changes, the foundation will underpin initiatives with evidence.

The organisation adds that it has a strong record, but does not currently have the resources, expertise or capacity to deliver this research alone, and has suggested a partnership to see through the research project.

“To implement the necessary research agenda we will require something like $15 million of investment in research over the next five years,” Winkler said.

The Summer Foundation is seeking expressions of interest from institutes, universities, governments and private-sector organisations who are interested in partnering to deliver the needed research.

“Our $1 million Competitive Research grant program is designed to establish partnerships with universities and other institutions which can leverage additional resources from those partners and seed strategic, high quality research that will attract substantial grant funding from other sources,” Winkler said.

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