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Door-knockers fundraising on behalf of Oxfam allegedly threatened rape

Fundraisers working on behalf of Oxfam Australia have allegedly threatened to rape a woman who turned them away

Oxfam Australia will investigate allegations door-knockers working on behalf of the charity threatened to rape a woman when she turned them away.

Mundijong police in a Western Australia suburb confirmed there had been reports on the conduct of “legitimate representatives” funding on behalf of Oxfam. CCTV footage has also made the rounds on social media from concerned Byford neighbours.

In a statement, Oxfam said the two fundraisers, who have been stood down pending inquiry, had denied the claim but the charity would take the matter very seriously.

“Oxfam expects people fundraising on our behalf to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards to ensure our donors, supporters and members of the public are treated respectfully,” the statement read.

Residents of the area alleged the door-knockers became aggressive when they were refused donations, leading to the threat of gang-rape against the female homeowner. Neighbours have posted CCTV footage to social media to warn people in the area.

The Mundijong police confirmed they were investigating, adding: “We have a number of legitimate representatives in our area conducting charity work on behalf of Oxfam.

“A video has emerged on social media regarding conduct of some of the individuals involved and the company responsible have addressed the issues identified.”

Oxfam confirmed the door-knockers were not directly working for the charity and are instead employed by Global Interactive, an “outsourced sales solution” company that was contracted by Oxfam to assist with their fundraising campaign.

“The people in the footage published on social media are engaged by Global Interactive to fundraise for Oxfam,” the statement said.

“The two fundraisers have denied any inappropriate behaviour, but in accordance with standard practice have stood down pending inquiries into the matter.”

Oxfam and Global Interactive have confirmed that they are helping the WA Police and the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association, of which both organisations are members, have been notified of the allegations.

Global Interactive have removed all fundraisers from the area.

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