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Latest Australian Finance News for NFPs and Associations

“Australia-first” social impact bond to address youth unemployment

An Australia-first initiative has been launched to combat youth employment in New South Wa…

Macquarie Group launches $50 million charity award

Five not-for-profits have a chance to win $10 million each as Macquarie Group launches new…

‘Who is winning all the grants and why?’

A new report into grantseeking trends has identified the characteristics of the “winners” …

How to “plant a seed” about gifts in Wills

Third Sector spoke to Dr Claire Routley on how to integrate gifts in Wills into charitable…

Community events raise more than any other type of fundraising, research finds

New research has found that the returns from major community events are higher than from a…

How cryptocurrency is revolutionising the NFP sector one coin at a time

Accepting cryptocurrency has never been easier, and it’s the new way to increase donations

How using a fitness app increases charitable donations

Research has found fitness apps can be used to improve fundraising activities and outcomes

Jetstar offers $30,000 grant for charities

Jetstar’s Flying Start program offers $30,000 grants for charity and community groups ac…

More Australians willing to leave a gift in Will to charities

Research has shown that three times as many Australians would leave a gift to charity, add…

Charities to receive share in $900,000 grant pool

The Greater Charitable Foundation has gifted $900,000 in their most recent grant round, br…

$50,000 grants available for small charities

BankSA Foundation has opened up a grant round for charities to receive $50,000 each in fun…

NSW plane crash victim gives big to Oxfam

A UK businessman who died with his family in a seaplane crash north of Sydney has left a r…

Drought relief charities made to defend donation spending

Major drought relief charities have had to defend their administrative spending costs as d…

Top ASX50 giving companies invests $867m in community

A new report has revealed the top giving companies in the 2016/17 financial year

New world-first debit card revolutionises fundraising sector

A new debit card will allow users to donate to the cause of their choosing, effectively cr…


FREE NEWS BRIEFS Get breaking news delivered