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Business support for Clean Up Australia Day increases by 25 per cent

More than 450 locations have business support during Clean Up Australia initiatives as the organisation praises volunteers for their part

Year on year, Clean Up Australia Day has garnered support of businesses across the country in the nation’s biggest environmental conservation event.

More than 450 locations for 2019 Business Clean Up Day have been registered, with businesses committing to removing rubbish accumulated in local parks, bushland and across suburban streets. It is a 25 per cent increase over 2018’s business partners.

Clean Up Australia Managing Director, Terrie-Ann Johnson, said the event would see businesses reduce waste in everyday operations and work with the organisation via a number of waste and litter reduction campaigns rolled out this year.

“We are delighted to see the Australian business community demonstrate increasing interest in active community involvement,” Johnson said. “This event presents the ideal opportunity for businesses of all sizes to work with their employees to foster the improved practices and to be role models for the rest of the community.”

Small enterprises to multinational organisations participated in 2019’s Business Clean Up Day, representing a wide range of industries. Johnson said with the scale of those businesses representing the event, “participating businesses are creating a loud and influential voice, reflecting our mantra that change starts with you”.

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This comes as the 2018 Clean Up Australia Rubbish Report, compiled by volunteers, found that plastic and food packaging is the biggest waste issue across the country. Plastic made up 39 per cent of rubbish surveyed, up from four per cent in 2017.

Litter directly associated with single-use packaging continues to be the major source of rubbish reported by volunteers. In 2018, it was as high as 88 per cent of reported items, with food packaging making up just under 19 per cent.

Pip Kiernan, new Chairman and daughter of Clean Up Australia Founder, Ian Kiernan, said all Australians will need to take up the challenge and continue her father’s legacy.

“It’s time to take action and make the right environmental choices every day. We need to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce as individuals and take simple steps such as having our beverage of choice in re-usable cups,” Pip Kiernan said.

On average, count from school grounds, outdoor transport and dive sites each doubled their numbers on the year prior, with schools increasing by 112 per cent.

Clean Up Australia said that while this is a testimony to the efforts of volunteers, it also shows that rubbish has accumulated in areas where it could cause harm.

“We all need to really think about how our choices impact the environment,” Pip said.

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    Alisa T.

    March 4, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    Wonderful article. I am glad that large companies and businesses are worried about the level of environmental pollution. Since economics is built precisely because of the work of various companies in different areas of business, they have a huge impact on the well-being of nature. There are still many companies that do not have such a large level, but they are also capable of making changes. Companies can be helped to become more popular! It brought them more revenue. And then they can effectively affect the preservation of pure nature.

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