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Aussies quick to help community, survey finds

A Red Cross survey finds the majority of Australians want to help the community

Close to nine out of 10 Australians say they want to help during local natural disasters and emergencies within the next two years, according to a new survey.

Data from the Red Cross published on Monday shows 81 per cent of people say they would be likely to help children and young people in the next two years, followed by 73 per cent who were likely to help the homeless.

The survey of more than 2000 people also revealed women were 1.3 times more inclined to help those in need than men, while those in the ACT were the most likely to agree we should take action at an individual level.

Red Cross chief executive Judy Slatyer says most people care about making their communities a better place.

A number of global studies in recent years show Australians are among the most generous in the world, Ms Slatyer says ahead of the annual Bring More Good Appeal.

“We can all do more to look out for our neighbours and check in on lonely older people who could do with a helping hand,” she said.

For 72-year-old Lee Collins, a daily phone call from a Red Cross volunteer could be lifesaving.

Soon after the Blue Mountains resident moved from inner-city Sydney more than 10 years ago, he developed an inner ear disorder that causes episodes of vertigo.

“I could be walking along the street and the next second I could be like a kid who’s just stepped off a merry go round, all dizzy,” he told AAP.

“I was feeling insecure. Haven’t had time to make friends up here.”

He signed up to a service where a volunteer calls him every morning to check on his wellbeing.

“Initially it was purely for security but that developed and the social aspect became increasingly important.”

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