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Opinion: Partnerships are the key to a thriving civil society

Australia is a dynamic nation on the move – our communities are becoming increasingly diverse – not unlike most countries in this era of globalisation…

Morrison guns for Gunner government in NT

Scott Morrison is banking on disaffection with the Northern Territory’s Labor government to win over votes federally, linking chief minister Michael G…

Day 12 of the federal election campaign



* Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Melbourne

* Labor leader Bill Shorten: Townsville

ACOSS launches tax policy to underpin strong future for services

The Australian Council of Social Service today launched its tax reform election policy, calling for serious tax reform, starting with an end to tax lo…

ACOSS welcomes Labor climate action plan but calls for greater focus on equity

ACOSS welcomes Labor’s climate change plan to tackle dangerous climate change, but greater ambition, focus on equity and on building climate resilie…

Labor outlines living wage law change

A Labor government would change workplace laws to ensure the minimum wage for Australia’s low-paid workers is a “living wage”.

Federal Labor leader…

Oaktree announces new CEO

Oaktree, a youth-run aid and development charity, has named Shani Cain as the new CEO.  Cain will be succeeding previous CEO, Sashenka Wors…

Community to share in $50 million of taxpayer grants to cut overheads

Community groups can apply for a share in $50 million to cut energy prices and reduce carbon emissions

Unprecedented cross-sector alliance to address climate change

A cross-sector alliance between agriculture, forestry and ecological sectors will call for an allied front on climate policy

Disability advocates calls for more support amid funding concerns

Disability advocates are calling for ongoing funding for advocacy services amid concerns people will be left without access to vital support


FREE NEWS BRIEFS Get breaking news delivered