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Matchmaker connecting donors with charities

New tool connecting donors to the charities they feel the most aligned to.

This ‘Giving Tuesday’ there is now a specialised quiz that will allow Australians to match the causes they most care about with the charity that is best aligned to supporting them.

The Charity Matchmaker Quiz ( “further cultivates a culture” of giving on the annual ‘Giving Tuesday’ international fundraising appeal, on November 28th. With six designed questions, the matchmaking tool aims to connect Aussies with an organisation that funds work on the issues most important to them.

With over 54,000 registered charities in Australia it can be hard for a donor to navigate not only which charity best aligns to the causes they care about but also which charity is doing the best work in each segment.

22 charities have been selected, across a variety of industries, as the best choice for supporters and donors to give their hard-earned dollars to. The Charity Matchmaker quiz will give each person the opportunity to actually do something positive and useful with this information – to make a donation to the cause.

The most recent report by Giving Australia highlighted that fewer Australians are donating with a study by NAB’s Charitable Giving Index showing that giving has dropped by 1 per cent this past year. The Charity Matchmaker Quiz is a response to this downward trend aiming to help Australians reconnect with the non-profit organisations doing the important work they care about.

Giving Tuesday is a dedicated day for people to take actions on the issues that matter most to them and promote a culture of giving in our community. People may give their time but the objective is to drive Australians to make a donation to a charity that aims to improve the biggest social issues in our communities.

Cath Hoban, Director of Fundraising at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said, “Every day hundreds of refugees and people seeking asylum come through our doors for food, legal advice, healthcare or general support. The ASRC is completely independent, does not accept any federal government funding and as such is 100 per cent reliant on funding by generous donors that care about the lives and livelihood of people seeking asylum in Australia.”

“The Charity Matchmaker Quiz is an opportunity for people who haven’t yet aligned themselves with a cause or organisation, who share the same values to do so via a simple online quiz with the aim to increase donor fundraising to tackle some of the biggest issues of our times.”

The Charity Matchmaker quiz has been created by Parachute Digital and Clarety.

Shanelle Newton Clapham, CEO, Parachute Digital, said “Our biggest value at Parachute Digital is ‘Contribution’ and the Charity Matchmaker idea came about as a new way for our team to give back to the industry and organisations that we love and work for.”

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