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FIA offers training for new code

Web-based training in new Code “a must” for all fundraisers.

Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) has launched an online training course for the fundraising sector to accompany its new Code.

The web-based course is part of FIA’s plan for long-term sustainability of donor support for charitable giving and is compulsory for all members.

“The intention of the FIA Code course is to promote broad awareness of and compliance with the Code among fundraisers across Australia,” said Rob Edwards, FIA CEO.

“Any person who has the term ‘fundraiser’ in their job description or who is involved in fundraising on behalf of a charity or non-profit organisation must do the training. This applies to individuals at all levels from board members and executive management of charities to middle managers, junior staff and volunteers engaged in fundraising activities on behalf of their organisation,” he said.

Edwards noted that sometimes codes are ineffective not because of inadequate principles and standards, but because staff are unaware of the code and, as a result, fail to adhere to it.

“For long-term sustainability of our sector, our members must be aware of their responsibilities. And this training must be ongoing whenever new staff join the organisation in fundraising roles.”

The course takes between one and two hours to complete, including quiz questions at the end of each module. Successful completion of training will be recognised through the awarding of a certificate and two continuing education points towards the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) designation.

The FIA Code states that “members will ensure that those engaged in fundraising activities have completed FIA Code training within six months of their appointment.”

The requirement to complete the training within six months of a person’s appointment is intended to provide flexibility, given other demands on new employees. Members are encouraged, however, to make Code training part of the induction program for new employees.

People who work for a cause in a non-fundraising capacity are not required to do the training (although they are encouraged to). Similarly, suppliers who are not providing fundraising services are not required to take the course. “If there is any doubt as to whether a person should do the training or not, they should err on the side of doing it,” said Edwards.

The fee to take the course is $25 for members and $50 for non-members. Fundraisers can head here to sign up for the course or to find out more.

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