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Digital Inclusion Alliance launches

3 million Australians are not participating online.

Around 3 million Australians are not participating online and are being left behind in the digital age. The Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA) believes all Australians should be able to make full use of digital technologies and is working together to reduce the digital divide.

More than 100 organisations have come together to accelerate action on digital inclusion with the launch of the Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA). The alliance was established by not-for-profit Infoxchange with support from Australia Post, Google and Telstra.

“The ADIA seeks to harness the collective skills, knowledge and capabilities of organisations across the country to reduce the digital divide and enable greater social and economic participation for all Australians”, says David Spriggs, CEO of Infoxchange and Chair of the ADIA.

At its heart, digital inclusion is about using online and mobile technologies to improve skills, enhance quality of life, educate, and promote wellbeing across the whole of society.

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index aims to show that while online participation is increasing across Australia, gaps continue to exist between those who are digitally included and excluded – linked closely to social exclusion and disadvantage.

People with low levels of income, education and employment, along with older Australians, people with disability, remote Indigenous communities and people in regional areas are more likely to be digitally excluded.

While there are numerous digital inclusion initiatives across the country supported by business, government and community organisations, significant gaps remain. The ADIA believes digital inclusion needs to be better addressed in public policy and innovative approaches need to be shared. Working groups within the alliance are being established to raise awareness and accelerate collective action in critical areas including affordability, digital ability and accessibility.

“Unless we work together with a strategic approach we won’t succeed in achieving an Australia where everyone can participate in the digital world,” said Spriggs.

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