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ACNC’s new crowdfunding guidance

There are aspects people have to consider before embarking on a campaign.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has launched new guidance to help charities, donors and fundraisers with their use of crowdfunding websites.

The guidance – Crowdfunding and Charities – examines the increasingly popular method of online fundraising. Crowdfunding generally sees individuals and organisations set fundraising targets online, and then call for support from members of the public.

It has become a popular low-cost way for charities to attract donations from a wider audience than they would normally attract. It also opens up to potential donors a greater range of causes they can donate to.

ACNC Commissioner Susan Pascoe welcomed the publication, saying it provides useful, practical information on how charities and fundraisers can harness it to raise money responsibly.

“Emerging ways to fundraise and donate, such as crowdfunding, bring with them great potential benefits for charities, fundraisers and donors,” Pascoe said.

“But with any new or emerging fundraising method, there are also aspects of its use that people need to consider before they embark on a fundraising campaign or donate to a cause.

“This new guidance provides simple, practical steps for those charities and individuals considering using crowdfunding to raise funds, as well as for members of the general public thinking of donating to crowdfunding-based appeals.”

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