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RSL threatens NSW branch with more charges

The saga continues.

The head of the RSL in NSW has ignored calls from the national president to stand down amid allegations of serious financial misconduct.

In a statement released on Tuesday, RSL national president Robert Dick again asked NSW state president John Haines and any remaining state council members to “vacate office immediately”.

It comes a day after the state government launched an independent inquiry into allegations of embezzlement and fraud into the NSW RSL branch.

Dick said the NSW executive team was tarnishing the RSL and would face fresh charges of bringing the league into disrepute if they continued to ignore calls for their resignation.

The NSW branch has been plagued by a series of financial scandals and fraud allegations in recent months, with separate inquiries underway by NSW Police and Australia’s charity’s watchdog.

In December the state government referred former NSW RSL president Don Rowe to police over claims he used his corporate credit card to withdraw $200,000 in cash.

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