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As UN calls for funds, aid agency implores Aust to see the big picture

As the UN calls for $US2 billion to help fight COVID-19 in poverty-stricken and war-ravaged nations, aid agency CARE Aus…

How to (Quickly) Mobilize Volunteers to Maximize Nonprofit Fundraising During COVID-19

Staff bandwidth is on overload at every level of nonprofit organizations throughout our country. In addition to the urge…

Avoiding scams and fake news on health information amidst covid-19 crisis

With scams targeting Australia’s seniors when they are at their most vulnerable, Good Things Foundation is helping sen…

COVID-19 stimulus incentives for Not for Profits now available

HLB Mann Judd Advisory and Accounting shares update on stimulus incentives for Australia’s not-for-profit sector.

Leading intersectional feminist org says Australian women most to gain from the COVID-19 stimulus package

Australian women have the most to gain from the Federal Government’s second COVID-19 stimulus package -but they also h…

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Here’s what you need to know to succeed in fundraising

The tips and tricks on how to become an invaluable member of the fundraising sector


Should NFPs be adjusting to a younger donor demographic?

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